Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Detached Retina

We went to see a new opthalmologist today and discovered Nick has a completely detached retina. They don't know how long he's had it but there is scar tissue forming which means its been there for awhile and its not good. The worst part is that it's in his good eye, neither eye has significant vision but we believe he can see better through his right one. The retina specialist we saw today, after we saw the opthalmologist, did not feel comfortable doing the surgery because of Nick's age and his coloboma's make the surgery much tougher. So now we are getting ready to go to Michigan for surgery. We are just waiting for a call in the morning to see when they can get us in. I am really just praying it's sooner rather than later as Nick's condition is pretty emergent. I am also praying that he hasn't and won't loose total vision in that eye.
Please pray with us for Nikolas, he's been through so much it just breaks my heart to know that his chances of retaining his vision in that eye are not looking so great. But I know miracles can be done and I know Nikolas has experienced many miracles already!


  1. Oh bless his heart!!! This makes me SOO sad to read, please know we are praying with you every step of the way to be able to save that vision!! That makes me nervous too for Mason, it is like they are expecting this to happen to him too - the optho at a checkup said that he needed to examine his eyes to make sure his "retinas hadn't detatched yet" ??? YET? :( Please keep us posted, and you all are in our thoughts and hearts..

  2. OMG! I just read this. Poor love. I'm hoping by now you've had the surgery and are doing great. Fingers crossed and prayers sent that they are able to save his vision.