Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another surgery...

So Nick's cataract has not resolved itself. There was slim hope that it would due to the high chance it was because of the silicone oil transfusion they did and not just air getting to his lens. A cataract is a clouding of the lens and it doesn't allow light in so the doctors cannot see his retina. And because they used oil they cannot do an ultrasound to be able to look at his retina either.  So we have no idea what's going on with his retina since surgery, if the procedures worked or if something more problematic is going on.

So he needs another surgery to remove the lens, they aren't even sure if they can put a new one in during that procedure or if he will need another one down the road. His eyes are so abnormal and complicated that everything they do is so intricate and has to be so precise.

And, of course, the doctor doesn't want to do it here and wants to send us back to Houston. I would prefer if the original doctor did the procedure anyways but it's not exactly easy for travel AGAIN to Houston. Joe cannot take off work again so I will have to fly with Nick, alone. Which I would be fine with if #1. I wasn't almost 6 months pregnant and if #2. I had flown with Nick before and knew how he would handle flying.
Plus, financially things are pretty tight and we're praying we can get funding for at least the flights through a local agency that helps with those things.

BUT, we are getting a second opinion first. There is a retina specialist here that used to do almost all of the pediatric retina surgeries here before the doctor that we've been seeing came to the area.
I would love for him to say that he feels very confident that he can do the surgery but I know that because Nick is not a normal case by any means, the chances are pretty low. But we're praying!

We'll find out on Monday for sure when we go to see this doctor. Please pray with us!!

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  1. oh my i can't imagine doing all that and carrying another little one at the same time are sure in our prayers, and sweet Nick too for a very kind and accommodating doc locally who can do this surgery and do it well! ((HUGS!!))