Monday, April 22, 2013

Little update!

I am terrible at posting....being in school and having 4 kids leaves very little time for a blog. l hate not keeping things updated, especially since so much is always happening here.
But alas, I should be studying right now and obviously I'm not.

So I'm sorry to say this must be quick.

Nicky finished his chemotherapy treatments on November 28, 2012!!

Clean scans in December also!

And his first set of 3 month scan's in March were also clear! Praise the Lord! I was getting concerned because he seemed to be in pain off and on before those scan but it was probably just a stomach bug.

He has grown all his hair back and then some!

In February we discovered that his right retina is starting to detach again and his ophthalmologist believed that his left retina was completely detached.

We are heartbroken. They tell us he can only see light now. I knew something was different because I had been trying my little trick to get him to smile by quietly sneaking up to him and smiling close to his face. Before he would always smile, it might take a bit but he always would. He hasn't smiled when I tried in quite a while.

On a brighter note, Nicky got a stander! He hasn't liked it too much, it makes him work hard. And with many adjustments he's starting to handle being in it longer.

He also got AFO's (Ankle Foot Orthotics), they help keep his feet at a 90 degree angle. He hates them and can usually wiggle out of them but they are really needed for this pointy toed boy.

I'll try to update again before too terribly long. God Bless!