Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well I tried to post to the blog a new way and it got all jumble up as some people let me know....sorry about that. Blogger has a way to post from your phone somehow butI won't be doing that again....well at least until they fix whatever issues they have.
Anyways, Nick got his first new teeth a couple weeks ago and the next week he got his first haircut! He looks like such a big boy now! A lot of people tell us he looks a lot like Ben did when he was that cute!

Not much else has been going on except we've had 3 birthday's this past month. First Brianna turned 6! I can't believe my little princess is already 6! Then I turned 26 and Joe turned 31! Ben's birthday is next month and Nick will be 1 in August! Whew! time does fly! It's hard to imagine where we were at this point last year and trying to figure out what was going on with our little Nikolas but God has really led us down a wonderful path and taught us so much and our faith has grown so much stronger because of the trials we have been through.

We can't wait to take the kids and Nick to see fireworks for his first time! He is just going to love them!
Happy 4th to everyone! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!