Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surgery tomorrow...

Well his thrush is apparently gone, even though there is still stuff that is 'caked on' his tongue, they said it is not thrush. Two doctors said that it's gone. So we scheduled surgery for tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. He has to stay at least over night, and until he is eating enough.
Hopefully, prayerfully, it won't be canceled again and we can go ahead with his first surgery. I am slightly nervous, mostly because of the unknowns. How is he going to react to everything? Is he going to recover well? How will he eat now? Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who reminds me that I should not worry. I need to have faith that God is in control and that Nick is in His hands.
Please pray for Nick and our family tomorrow, that the surgeons will have wisdom to take care of Nick and that he will recover well and we can go home as soon as possible.
Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement! It means so much!


  1. Laura,
    My wife told me about your post on her blog. I spent the last little bit reading through you posts since Nick was born. It does hurt my heart to hear of other families that go through similar situations but I do hope the find out exactly what your son is. And I was also glad to read that Nick didn't have any heart issues. That's a tough on to overcome.

    Once you determine that you can start focusing your efforts on helping him over come any hurddles that have been placed in his life. Our daughter has overcome so much already and it is mainly do to all the prayers that have gone out to her. We also have done extra exercises, eye patching, feeding, etc. that has helped her tremendously.

    I hope everything goes well tomorrorw at surgery. Luckily our visits to Children's Mercy in Kansas City have been reduced to almost every 3 months. We use to frequent KC on almost a biweekly basis.

  2. Sorry about all of the typos in my previous post. I'll try to be more dilitgent next time trying to find them.

    For some clarification...if your son's symptoms can be linked to a certain disorder I hope the doctors can determine which one it is so that you can have a greater understanding of how to help Nick progress in life more quickly.