Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally getting better!

I am so thankful that his thrush looks to be going away. His doctor thought it was completely gone but I am not going to take any chances and I am continuing to give him his medicine until he's finished with it. We had to give him a glycerine suppository on Monday, he had a big blowout, 9 days worth! But he hasn't pooped on his own since. His doctor said that because he wasn't eating enough his body was probably reabsorbing it all and that's why he had not pooped yet. He had only been eating 1 to 2 ounces at a feeding, which is obviously not enough. He refused to even let me put the bottle in his mouth after he would eat an ounce or so. I had to force him to eat another ounce and that was not fun. I figure out that because of one of the medicines he was taking the milk was not tasting very good to him. He would eat all of the prune juice we had to give him but would have nothing to do with the milk. So I started adding the prune juice to his milk and he would eat it all! Now he will eat about half his bottle but refuses to eat more unless we put pedialyte in it. (His doctor preferred pedialyte over juice to get him to eat). It has a fruit flavor and he really likes it. But he is eating at least 4 ounces a feeding now! We will meet with his surgeon on Monday and hopefully reschedule surgery, if not his lip adhesion surgery then at least set a date for his formal lip repair.
Thank you for all the prayers, please continue to pray that the thrush won't come back and we can go ahead with surgery.

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