Friday, December 17, 2010

Not so well...

We were hoping to go home yesterday but that did not happen. Nick is having trouble with his oxygen saturation. He keeps dropping, especially when I am holding him. The lowest he has gotten is 58%. Normal OSATs sats are 97-100%. At one point his lips were turning blue and he was really struggling to breath. It really scared me, I think even more because of the monitors and lots of people in the room. Laying in his bed on his side he does his best. We are not sure if they are dropping because of his nose stents or because he has inflammation in his airways from the breathing tube or if it's from his pain medicine. So today we are trying just tylenol to see how he does with that and if it makes a difference. So far he didn't drop like crazy when I was holding him and feeding him, it's only dropped slightly a couple times- so that's good. He also wasn't eating very well for awhile but now he's eating 2-3 ounces.
He's so sweet and likes to just stare into your face. He's not back to totally normal yet as he won't really smile, but I wouldn't be either with everything they've done with his lip.
I can't wait till everything is okay and we can go home, Ben and Bri hate having me/us at the hospital and always ask when we are coming breaks my heart.
Please pray for Nikolas, he is strong but we cannot do anything without prayers and trusting in God to take care of him.

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  1. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.