Friday, April 22, 2011

New Mic Key button

Nick had his g-tube placed yesterday and they used a mic key button, which is a pretty standard feeding tube they use now. It's pretty small and hopefully it won't get in his way of tummy time or swimming.
He had a rough time with his oxygen levels again after surgery, they had to do a couple breathing treatments and he was on oxygen for about 6 hours or so. He sounds very hoarse, from being intubated but we're not sure if that's why his oxygen levels were low or it was the Fentanyl they gave him. Either way he is better now and we're using roxicet now to help with the pain and that seems to be doing the trick without his O2 sats dropping.
Hopefully we will be going home today, I don't want to say we will be and then we don't cause that would really stink!
Right now we're just working on getting him back up to his normal food amounts and then I'm sure we'll be out of here.
Here's some pics and a video of before the surgery!
Right after surgery:


  1. You will love having the g-tube rather than the NG tube! I hope he gets feeling better and you get to come home soon!

  2. very cool too that they let you go straight to the Mickey without the long hangy tube first :) it's a lot easier to care for, doesn't snag on everything etc. Hope he is feeling like himself again and able to get home soon :)

  3. Soo Cute. God Bless Both Of you And Your All Family . :) Be Happy Always . :)