Monday, April 4, 2011

Getting so big!

Nick has been doing so well lately! He is eating more now for obvious reasons and has been gaining weight like a sumo wrestler! I am so in love with all his fat little rolls! His last weight was about 18 1/2! When we left the hospital on March 11 he weighed about 14 1/2 pounds so he's gained 4 pounds! Holy cow, that might be a little much but I think he needed it and he's already starting to hold his head up more and just move around more. He still sleeps quite a bit but he does seem to be awake more often and for longer periods.
We are still scheduled to have a g-tube put in on April 21st. Nick won't be able to have another swallow study for a couple months and having the tube in his nose is not easy. It gets in the way, he gags on it all the time because it 'collects' mucus and such on the tube and it gets pulled out quite frequently. So we will have the g-tube put in and we will continue to work on his oral motor skills and hopefully he won't lose what he has learned so far and will be able to go back to oral feeding before too long.
Here's a picture of some of his rolls!
For some reasons I can't get the right picture to load....anyways here is a half body shot!


  1. Yay an update! Awesome weight gain! He really will be much more comfortable with the gtube than the tube in his nose. Maybe the gtube will just get him the calories he needs to get stronger and eat by mouth again.
    Where's the picture of his rolls??? I wanna see.
    I'm curious what's Nic's length? What was he at birth. Mason was 19 inches and at last appointment was 21"

  2. Wow- he is growing really well. You will love having the g-tube! He looks adorable!

  3. Hi, sorry been super busy with Mason's cold (also exhausted).
    Mason at birth was 19 inches and is now 21 so not much growth in length :{ But at the GI appointment last Wed he weighed 14.1 so a whole pound gain since we've been home. The Dr was telling me that his length to weight ratio is 50% so that is good. But on a regular scale he's only like 5% for both.
    Mason does have the Gtube and it's made him getting home and growing possible. It's really easy to take care of. We are going to have another swallow eval as soon as he is better from the cold.
    Nic is so beyond adorable. His smile just melts my heart.