Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well Nick is back in the hospital. He was having trouble breathing, and had a slight cough. He actually started having symptoms the day of his lip surgery but they said he sounded fine and he didn't have a fever so they went ahead anyways. So Saturday evening he started having more trouble breathing so we decided to take him into urgent care. His oxygen levels were okay but you could tell he would having trouble breathing so they started him on oxygen. A few minutes into talking with the doctor Nick started to have a seizure. Out of the blue, and it lasted a little less than two minutes. I was so scared, the doctor grabbed him out of my arms and ran into the treatment room where they got ready to give him Ativan if he didn't stop seizing. He stopped shorty after they put him on the table. They decided to transport him by ambulance to the downtown location where they can more readily help Nick as he needed it. After being downtown for awhile they got his breathing somewhat under control but he started to have more seizures that started lasting longer and longer. They do not do anything for a person having a seizure except make sure they don't harm themselves somehow. It is very hard to watch your child helplessly convulsing and there is nothing you can do. After about the 5th seizure which lasted more than 5 minutes they gave him Ativan. It takes a minute or so to work so he continued to seize for close to 8 minutes. We felt so helpless, so vulnerable-how could we just stand here and let this happen to our little was very hard. They started him on a maintenance seizure medicine but it takes 12-24 hours to fully work so Nick continues to have seizures. Thankfully, though, they are not as long. He has had a couple that he completely stopped breathing and started to turn blue-those are the worst for me. He will have another EEG tomorrow and hopefully we will know the results quickly this time.
He's sleeping a lot and they diagnosed him with bronchiolitis, which is viral. He probably has a little bit of pneumonia which they are treating him for with antibiotics. He still has very labored breathing and sounds very congested but all we can do is give him oxygen and try to make him as comfortable as possible. He looks so miserable though, he's just not himself at all and it's been so hard.
Please, please pray he gets better quickly and that we can get the seizures under control.


  1. Oh I'm so sorry this is happening! How terrible for poor Nickolas and for you.
    I know exactly what you mean when you talk about how can we just stand there and let this happen to our boys? I have tears for you because I felt the same thing the other night while Mason was struggling to breath.
    I will send out all my good thoughts and prayers that he will recover quickly and completely and be home again with you soon.
    Hang in there brave baby boy! Mason and I will be thinking of you.

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  3. How are things going tonight? Let us know if we can do anything at all.

  4. I'm a friend of Mason's and just wanted to let you know we are thinking Nikolas and praying for him.

  5. I've been following Mason's blog, but wanted to send my love and support to Nikolas and your family.

  6. I found you from Mason's blog and have been reading the story of Nick! First of all what a CUTIE he is! I will be praying for him! We have been through many surgeries at Childrens and they have always done a great job! I think your in good hands! We live in the KC area also.

    Melissa (mommy to Maccoy TOF)