Monday, July 30, 2012

We made it!

We are in Memphis! We got to St. Jude’s Sunday evening, after a long 8 hour drive. There wasn’t any time to relax once we got here either. We had to go straight to the hospital to check in with admissions, then head over to triage to get clearance for housing. 
We are staying in the Grizzly House. It is amazing, just like 4 star hotel. It is such a blessing to not have to worry about housing while we are here. St. Judes has 3 types of housing depending on how long the expected stay will be. The Grizzly house is from 1-7 days, the Ronald McDonald House is 7-90 days and the Target house is from 90 to 365 days. The Grizzly house is right on campus so we can walk to the hospital every day!
Everyone here is so helpful and friendly. The nurses are excellent and they really care about their patients. They spare no expenses. St. Judes is really a wonderful place!

This is exactly where Nicky needs to be. I am so thankful the Lord opened the door for us to come here. 
Nick’s first day included a lab draw, which couldn’t be done through his port because his port is heparin locked and they needed to draw labs to check his coagulation factor and heparin would affect the results. So they had to stick him. It took 3 tries before managing to get just enough blood for the tests they needed. Nicky has always been a hard stick, even vascular (they use ultrasound to find the vein) has issues drawing blood or placing IV’s. 
But that was no fun, Nicky did really good though and only winced at the little super hero.
Then we had appointments with anesthesia, neurology and picking up contrast for his CT tomorrow.
We also found out that during surgery Nick will have 2 peripheral IV’s, an arterial line, possibly an epidural, have his port accessed, and he will have to be intubated for 2 days or so, which just gives him more time to heal. It’s going to be very scary seeing him with so many tubes and cords and wires after the surgery. I just get a knot in my throat thinking about it....I just want it to be over and for him not to feel any pain from the surgery.
Thank you everyone for all the prayers and the sweet comments... I do read each one (here and facebook) and appreciate all of you! We are so blessed to have so many people help support us through this journey.


  1. Oh my gosh Laura, I can totally feel the joy and relief you were felling when you wrote it. There is something so amazing about that and Nick are exactly where you should be. You are in the best hands. I have to tell you, this brought tears to my eyes of joy. I know the feeling of being left with a feeling if complete defeated by a sickness and going somplace in complete dispair, that turns into comfort and hope almost instantly. It is such a amazing feeling. I am so happy you are there. -Annette

  2. I have been thinking a lot about Nick lately. I hope the week goes well and especially the surgery. I am praying for him!!!!

  3. Wow, God is so amazing, I have posted little Nickys picture on my FB, for prayers, and have requested prayers for him at my Church, he is so prescious, what a beautiful smile he has, God is shinning right threw him. We are also praying for you and your whole family, God is with you,