Sunday, July 15, 2012

St. Judes it is!

The St. Judes team met on Wednesday and a surgeon, Dr. Davidoff, feels that he might be able to remove Nick's tumors! He has dealt with many Wilms tumors, including quite a few bilateral cases. But it will be a dangerous and risky surgery. The tumors are intertwined with the renal artery and vein, on both sides. 

I am very nervous about this surgery. Nikolas will be under anesthesia and will be intubated for a long time. But it is the best shot I feel that we have for Nikolas at this point. I honestly don't feel that he can take much more chemotherapy, especially stronger drugs. 

We have to be in Memphis on Monday, July 30th. The day before big brother Benjamin's 4th birthday.... so we will definitely be celebrating early!

And surgery is scheduled for August 3rd. The surgeon said he will have to book the whole day because it will be a long and difficult surgery. 

And, we have been renting and are planning on buying eventually but with everything going on and other issues, things have been taking awhile to get going with the house buying process. But our lease is up on July 31st and we can't afford to extend our lease any longer so we will probably have to move in with my parents for awhile. It will be tight but I am just thankful they live close and are willing to take us in. Plus, Brianna and Benjamin won't have to switch schools. 

God is in control and he has opened certain doors for us. We just have to trust Him that we are making the right decisions and pray that He will give us peace in our circumstances. a

Also, we have wristbands for sale to show support for Nikolas and to help us pay for a vacation for Nikolas to go to the beach and Morgan's Wonderland!! 

Nikolas has a Facebook page called Brighten the Light for Nicky and there is a link on the page to buy them. I will try and post a link... 

Click here to buy a band to show support for Nick!


  1. So glad you got something positive to look forward to and someone is willing to help Nick. I can't imagine how scary it must be!!! He is such a tough little guy, and so are you!!!!

  2. so thankful it's a go at st jude's and will pray for every step of the the meantime hope he's doing okay as he waits, and you all are able to enjoy celebrating big brother's bday. many hugs and prayers and lots of love for sweet nick - keep hanging tough little buddy! you guys amaze me.