Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sorry, late update... Nick's surgery was successful. Praise the Lord! So we're now waiting for the pathology report to come back so we know what are next step in this journey will be. Nick was in a lot of pain right after the surgery but he had a pain pump and we got it under control easily but it depresses his breathing so he needs oxygen. The surgeon said since he had to move Nick's small intestines completely out of his body during surgery it has caused his bowels to stop working. So hopefully by not feeding him they will wake back up soon. So we tried clear liquids yesterday but his stomach started to get distended, so we stopped clears too. We're hoping that today he will be able to start clears again today, but we have to wait for the surgeon to come by to see him. So at this point we are just waiting, please pray the results come back today. Nicks oncologist is not here tomorrow and his will be doing rounds all next week so it may be hard to get it to see him and apparently we can only get the results from him.

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