Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Nick's story

I decided to start this blog to keep all our friends and family updated about our little Nick. His due date is August 21, 2010 and we have a c-section scheduled for August 13, 2010.
When we went for our 18 week anatomy scan the technician was unable to see anupper lip or palate on our little boy. I was initially optimistic because I knew it could be fixed and if this baby were to have some defect this would be probably one of the best to have....that doesn't sound right now that I look back. But in reality it is treatable with surgery and depending on the severity of any palate issues he might not have any other issues at all. Joe was dismayed, he wasn't expecting this, no one was. I don't think he wanted to believe it until the level 2 ultrasound confirmed it. But when we went in for the level 2 ultrasound we were able to see Nick's face (in 2D, which makes him look like an alien) which clearly showed a large gap above his lip. Joe looked devastated. But he remained positive and we knew that God was in control. When we found out at the initial ultrasound I accepted however God made Nikolas and I did my best to give God control of the situation.
The doctor that read the level 2 ultrasound told us that my regular ob/gyn would do another ultrasound at 32 weeks to make sure my amniotic fluid levels were okay. Apparently baby's with cleft palate issues can sometimes have a hard time swallowing which would cause the fluid levels to be high and can lead to premature birth. He also gave us the number for the Cleft team at Children's Mercy Hospital.
I tried to look up information on the internet but seeing all the pictures was too hard and I haven't looked again, plus you never know what information is actually reliable.

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  1. I just started reading your blog today. I know you haven't updated in a about a year, but I'm reading it nonetheless. I hope you and your family are doing well.