Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Well some other issues have potentially come up as of yesterday. For probably about a month now I had been getting these feelings in my belly like the baby was possibly having seizures or just really jerky movements that were not just the normal kicking or hiccuping. For awhile it would only have maybe once or twice a day. I kept pushing it aside, hoping it was nothing. I had done a search on google to find out if any other women had felt the same thing, and if they had what the outcome was. Apparently, it is more common than I thought. There were quite a few posts about women feeling the same thing and their doctor's or midwives told them it was nothing, or it was just the baby's nervous system developing or it was just their uterus having a spasm. But yesterday I kept having the feeling, my whole stomach would shake, it happened more times than I could count. I started to get really scared and I felt like something just wasn't right. So I called my doctor and she immediately had me come in to do some monitoring. We first did another biophysical profile ultrasound and the technician wasn't able to catch any of the abnormal activity during the scan-of course! Next, we did a NST, or non-stress test, were they hook you up to a monitor that records that baby's heartbeat and contractions, if any. I am pretty sure I felt the abnormal movements during the test and nothing abnormal showed up on the monitor. Yay! My doctor couldn't really tell me for sure what it could be, but because of his cleft issues they monitor me closer. (Babies with cleft's are prone to other deformities and abnormalities.) That was a relief, or so I thought.
While the technician performed the ultrasound she noticed some swelling around baby Nick's kidney's and his heart was 30 degrees different than what it normally should be. Wow, that was hard to hear, especially because nothing ever came up on any of the other ultrasounds. She recommended that I have another level 2 ultrasound to find out more information. Really, a level 2 ultrasound is just a more extensive ultrasound. They look at things longer and closer but they are not much different than a regular ultrasound. My doctor didn't seem too worried, but she did want me to get in before the end of the week to have the ultrasound done. So my appointment for the level 2 ultrasound is tomorrow at 1 pm. She also scheduled me to have weekly ultrasounds and NST's. So now I am high-risk. Booo! lol
I have put the whole situation in God's hands. There is nothing I can do, there is no reason to worry. God is in control and I need to continue to remind myself that. Overall, I really do feel blessed, with the millions of other things that can go wrong, my baby is pretty healthy and his cleft condition is correctable with surgery. Why would I not be joyful that God has given us another little boy? He has trusted us to take care of this beautiful little boy and I am so grateful for just the opportunity.
Please pray for our little boy and that the ultrasound tomorrow will look good and that God will continue to grant myself, and Joe, peace in this situation.

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