Monday, April 30, 2012

Big CT tomorrow

Nick is scheduled for the big CT tomorrow. This will be the big turning point in Nick's treatment. It will determine if we are able to do surgery to remove as much tumor tissue as possible or if we need to do 6 more weeks of chemotherapy before attempting surgery. I am not able to feel the tumor on his left side any more, definitely a good sign. We should have answers tomorrow, or at the latest Wednesday.

Nick is such a little fighter, he is so strong. He seems to run out of energy faster than ever before. He still plays with his toys and smiles and laughs as much as we can pull out of him but he drains pretty quickly and sometimes will sleep 18-20 hours a day.

He still has a little hair, not much and it's starting to look a little odd but he can't stand the sound of the hair clippers, he cries as soon as they are turned on, so we will just let it fall out slowly. A cute hat is still on my list to find.

I will update as soon as we find out the results and have an answer from the surgeon.

Please continue to keep Nick in your prayers.

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  1. what a trooper he is! give him lots of hugs and high fives from his buddy mason...we are all rooting for him and praying for all of you, especially for the results tomorrow and the treatment to be 100% effective w/ no long term negative to your family and sweet Nick, Jen