Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's get back to normal!

Thank you everyone for all the prayers! They were needed and gratley appreciated. I am sorry i didn't update sooner. His surgery went well, it only took about 2 hours and he had no trouble breathing after surgery either!! Actually, it was the first time he was cleared to go home right after surgery! Although it was late, about midnight or so when we left the hospital, I didn't mind at all! We flew home Friday and again Nick did great! So, Dr. Carvounis removed Nick's right lens. Then he was able to see his retina for the first time since he did the last surgery a month prior. The scleral buckle is doing it's job but he has developed some scar tissue along one of the muscles around his eye which is causing his eye to turn in more towards his nose,called esotropia. He already had this in his left eye but he is able to move that eye around more. So now both his eyes are turning in. There is actually a surgery they can do to correct this but will probably not do in either eye, at least for awhile. And his retina is not completely attached either. He has developed some scar tissue under part of the retina which is pushing the retina away from the back of his eye and not allowing him to see from that angle. If he continues to develop more scar tissue it will continue to push the retina away from the back of the eye. Dr. Carvounis said this happens in rare cases and he would need surgery again to correct it, but the chances of the surgery being successful are slim, due to his age. And whatever would happen at that point would have to be what it is. He doesn't think there is much else they would be able to do. Please pray with us that his eye will not continue to develop more scar tissue. I don't even know how we would manage to get back to Houston again. But for the next month he will health and 4 weeks from this surgery we will have the retina specialist here look at his retina to see if he's developing more scar tissue.

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  1. I am so glad his surgery went well. I have tried to comment before but it wouldn't let me! I hope his recovery is well and I am glad you are home! Right now I don't have a way to order online. I just do parties and then people take what they want. maybe in the future I will and I will let you know! Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Love, Calyn and Laynie:)