Friday, July 15, 2011

So Nick had his follow up MRI today and he did good. They had to sedate him with gas and intubate him so he's a little hoarse sounding and a little groggy but he's pretty much back to himself already.
His therapies (PT, OT, vision) are going well and he can almost hold his head up completely by himself but never for very long because he gets tired quickly. We try and do a lot of tummy time but his OT thinks he has low muscle tone in some of his neck muscles so he will continually have to work against that to get his body to do what he wants.
I am somewhat worried about his feet, they are pretty small and seem to grow very slowly. His neurologist mentioned he might have an abnormal pituitary gland which could cause hormonal problems, we will know more next week.
I can't believe he will be one next month! Time goes by way too fast!

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