Saturday, November 13, 2010

Surgery canceled...

Well we had his lip adhesion surgery scheduled for Monday morning but Nikolas has thrush in his mouth. I feel terrible. For the past couple weeks he has been more fussy in the evenings and has had a hard time eating. He also decreased the amount he would eat by about 10-20 mL per feeding. He would scream when he was eating like he was in terrible pain sometimes. We could not figure out what was going on, his therapist thought that it could possibly be reflux but he wasn't throwing up any more than he used to and did not act like he was in pain unless he was eating. Well now we know why- because his mouth has been hurting him. I thought the whitish stuff on his tongue was just milk and I thought I could wipe it off, maybe I could have a little bit but its hard to see in his mouth and he cannot open his mouth very wide either. Plus, it is only on the sides of his tongue, I just thought that it was normal because he has no palate. And he wasn't fussy for all of his feedings, mostly just the evening ones.
My sister and another friend came for a visit from Manhattan and my sister's son has had thrush three times now, so I asked her to look in his mouth and she thought it was thrush as well as our friend, who is a RN. I am just so irritated at myself that I did not figure it out sooner. It was mind boggling trying to figure out why he would cry so much when we fed him and why he wasn't eating as much anymore-why didn't I think of thrush?? I just feel so bad because he has been in pain these past couple weeks and I should have known it was thrush. And now the surgery is canceled because the surgeon does not want to risk infection, which I agree with, I definitely don't want an infection there either. I am somewhat glad we had to postpone surgery because I was getting anxious about it happening so soon but on the other hand, I know he needs it and I just hope that it doesn't push back the other surgeries too.
We had everything arranged too... we had someone watching the kids both Monday and Tuesday and everything seemed to be working out perfectly! All I can remind myself is that God does everything for a purpose. There is some reason that Nick is not supposed to have surgery Monday, whatever it is, we may never know why, but we just need to keep trusting in Him. He is in control.
Please pray that Nick's thrush will go away soon and that we can get surgery rescheduled quickly. Thanks and we love and appreciated everyone's support!


  1. Thanks for the update. Don't beat yourself up over not noticing it. For all we know Mason never really got rid of his we just noticed it when it flared up bad. Has the medicine kicked in yet? It worked FAST on Mason...

  2. Hello there Laura,
    I am so very sorry for the cancelation of the surgery, But thankfully the surgery will be rescheduled. Also, I hope that his medication is working well for him and that he is eating lots more! :)

    P.S. sorry for the late comment .
    -Love you