Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nikolas met with the opthamologist at Children's Mercy on Thursday. It was not fun because he hates his eye's being touched, and especially being pried open then having a bright light shown in them. Thankfully, they did not have to use the horrible speculum things again, oh my those things are torturous! She explained to me how coloboma's are formed: when babies are forming in utero their eyes are like tubes coming off their brains, then as they continue to form they become upside down u's, and eventually they reform to create o's again and form the whole eye. Well Nick's eyes did not come completely back together and unfortunately this is the same with his retina's and optic nerves. She said he will probably have functional vision but she couldn't say to what extent. There is nothing they can do either, maybe he would need glasses one day, but there's no procedure they can do. She gave me a bunch of information about services for children for the visually impaired.
Wow...I am not sure why but I took this pretty hard. I was really praying (and still am) that he would at least be able to see normally. I feel that he can see a little bit and if you are talking with him and playing with him he will smile, but I'm not sure if blind babies smile...
I really am having to just keep reminding myself that God is in control and that He gave us Nikolas for a reason, otherwise I think I would be a total mess.
Thanks for reading and for praying, it means so much.

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